Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jessies latest trick

I just wanted to share with thoes who dont already know, about a week ago jessie learned how to sit him self up. I thought he may have before because i would swear he was scooting around then be sitting up, but was sure when i went to get him out of bed and there he was just sitting there! Hes getting to be such a big boy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Army crawl

Sorry about the lighting, but Jessie learned how to move, and now he doesnt even like to be held! its kinda sad, but he wants to be going all day long. And sometimes its like he forgets, so he whines and kicks then he remembers how to do it. If he sees something he really wants he is across the room so fast!

4th of july

We all met at mom and dads for dinner and fireworks. Ethan was out doing sparklers, until he had a accident... Even Jessie loved them. The picture down below with dad and Chuck he was watching Hunter do one

its kinda a funny picture but he was so smily watching them

Watching the big fireworks with daddy

The parade

We got up real early, even for Jessie (hes loke his parents and likes to sleep in) and went to the 4th of july parade. You can tell he looks tiredin these pictures. The greens came to, and i swear i got some pictures but they wernt on my camera... Jessie fell asleep at the end and even slept through the cannons!

Jessie Loves the gerber cookies! he even sees the package and gets so wild untill he gets one

Do you like my pretties?

This is the best 2 little teeth picture... I have probably took 100 pictures trying to get a good one