Monday, September 28, 2009

Total update!!!

This is just last night. We were trying to get all the kids in one, but that did not work out.

Now this is everything, the quick overview of our summer in a few posts. Jessie Is amazing. He has such a cute and flirty personality. He is a mommys boy, which of course i love. He is now 9 1/2 months old, and as of a week ago he weighs 18.2 lbs, putting him in only the 7th percentile for his age, which is pretty small considering his head size is in the 88th percentile!

Jessie Love going to grandmas. She lets him play with all her pans!

Beginning of Sept. We visited the hot pots. We all had so much fun and Jessie got backpacked up.

Marthas house also is a favorite of Jessies. Martha has such fun toys. Hes not quite big enough to ride this bike yet, but he still loved it.

what was missed!

There is so much to catch up on... this post is very random but for a update: Jessies favorite toy and first word was Balloon, or in his words Boon. I noticed at first he would look at it when i asked where his balloon was, then realised he also was saying boon boon boon over and over. I realised it about 2 weeks ago but i think he was saying it a little longer then that. Of course he says mama and dada or dad, but he loves balloons. I even bought a helium tank just so he always has one! Jessie is all boy! He loves balls and books and climbing. He crawls so good and fast and half the time walking on just his hands and feet. He finds obstacles to climb over even if its dirty laundry or dangerous places, hes a climber! He is very independant and does not like to be held. he likes to be going and going every waking hour!

This is from the summer, at his aunt Shalets birthday party. Him and Kyler made a pool out of the bucket of water balloons.

Jessie always wants to play with the controlers like daddy does.

This is my new beautiful and first neice Ellie!

We are back!!!

life has been very crazy latly, paired with a non working computer fro a couple months... thoes are my excuses for it being so long! Sorry! These are our family pictures that are now over 3 months old and so much has changed! 3 months in a babys life is a lot of change...

Jessie Loves love loves our dog creed. he always makes jessie happy, although Creed does not hold the same interest (we think hes waiting till jessies a little bigger). Sometimes when Jessie gets hurt and needs a distraction Creed is the perfect medicine.