Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is one of the big dogs, Rowan, that Jessie had grown up with and love. Jessie was playing on him for a while, just loving and loving him.

Easter was better then I thought it would be. I had started getting him ready by showing him eggs with snacks in them, a few days before, and by Easter, he knew exactly what was going on. He would find something, show me, then put it in his basket, he wanted to carry his basket with everything in it too. When he found this shovel and bucket set, he forgot about the basket for a bit. We had so much fun, I didnt get as good of pictures as i would of liked, but i did not want to miss how cute he was.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Jessie has always loved animals. He loves them in real life, in books, in pictures, in toys. . .So we knew we had to take him to the zoo!

We rode the train to see some of the animals.

Some of his favorites were the giraffes...

He is watching the baby and Mommy elephant play

and the Elephants.

Jessie loves to be in small places. He does it all the time at home too. Last week he had taken all of the shoes off the shoe rack and was hiding in there smiling. Jessie is a VERY happy kid, most of the time. He always is making friends at places by smiling and laughing with them. I have had several people make comments like, "look at the big smile" or "What a happy boy"

Playing at the park!

Jessie loves the park. When i ask him if he wants to go outside to the park he says "YA!"

He helped Martha feed the ducks (and a dog) bread and popcorn, most of the time he was just sneeking bites for himself .

He likes the playground, but loves to just explore around, he spends more then half the time at the park finding sticks and pinecones, or rocks. He is all boy!

This one is a little older, I have missed a few months... again. But im here to catch up!