Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was fun this year with Jesssie. im sure he will understand more next year but he knows that all his baby toys have been switched for nice cool musical and learning toys and books. One of his favorites is from his aunt Martha, (of course)

The runner up would be this box! for him, it was the best thing Christmas morning. He climbed it, slid down it, and even liked being inside.

Unwrapping his books from the Prina's

and some trucks...

Santa Claus came to our house and then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa's to open presents Christmas morning. Jessie was mostly overwhelmed by everything, but is now loving all his new stuff.

All us sisters on Christmas eve.

Train ride

We went to the Provo town mall and rode the train and looked at all the
Christmas decorations with the Prina's and Martha. Jessie loved every Christmas tree we saw this season. Next year when he understands better we will have one at our house.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Baby!


Visiting Santa

Jessie saw Santa for the first time at our family Christmas party. He was very cautious of him. from the minute Santa came in he kept distance with always a eye on Santa (pic below). He sat on his lap with Dad but wasnt sure.

Jessies 1st birthday!!!!

We had a birthday party for Jessie on his birthday at our house and had lots of fun!
We let Jessie have his own chocolate cake. He liked it, but had more fun playing in it then eating it. (the pictures are out of order,sorry). We sang happy birthday to him all day and now he loves that song!

He had cousins and a couple friends that came to his party.

His favorite thing is balloons so we had 60 balloons, floating, and on the ground. (we still have them around our house and Jessie gets out of bed every morning and asks about the "boons".)

Jessie was very spoiled for his Birthday, like he deserves!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween day was so much fun! In the afternoon we went to Hee Haw farms, a place that is a real farm with activities set up for kids for Halloween. Later that day we went trunk or treating at grandma's and Jessie had his first sleep over that night while me and Chuck went to a party. Jessie got to have a sucker for his first piece of candy!

Only those who have seen Clockwork Orange can fully appreciate how good Chuck looked!

Halloween day at the Hee Haw farm!

Us getting attacked by a zombie!

Jessie and Chuck got to ride in the train puled by a tractor.

They had a place that was all fenced in with pigs and chickens and sheep's and goats. Jessie loves animals so this was his favorite!

Jessie even got to go on the big slide with me!

Jessie also loved pumpkins this year. I had my porch decorated and pumpkins out and Jessie loved to go outside just to see it all. Grandma's house was fun this year for Halloween too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Time!

Ok, i posted these backwards... so here is the rest of our Pumpkin patch fun!

We took about 40 pictures in the wheel barrow! Its tough getting 4 excited kids to pose for pictures!

Look how cute Kyler and Ethan are! holding hands. (Sorry summer and Sierra) But I couldn't resist!

I love this one! Kylers eyes! Jessie straddling the Pumpkin! Any one living in the Utah county area with kids needs to go to this place! And don't forget your camera!

Pumpkin patch!

Oh boy it was very hard to pick the best pictures out of the 182 that were taken today... yes i'm not kidding! but here are the best (or at least the best featuring Jessie) of our fun day!

There was so many good places to take pictures! everyone piles on the pumpkins!
Summer stole the baby bunny out of its cage so we all could get a closer look.

This is just so cute of Hunter and Sheybe!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big boy bath

Jessie graduated to a real bath! he loves it. He splashes and kicks and crawls around and cries when its time to get out.

Jessie with his favorite football player, Ethan
Chuck Dirt biking for the first time in Colorado. We also went four wheeling, and on the mule with Jessie but i didnt get any pictures :(


We went to colorado for a long weekend and had so much fun! We stayed in a town called Pagosa springs in ''The big house''. (A huge house on a 18 acre property) It was a much need vacation for us.

Jessie was the biggest attraction. The hunt kids we stayed with loved him. they wanted to feed him his bottles, follow him around where ever he went, sit by him in the car, and wake him up early to play. Even his aunt Martha gave him the special treatment (and me for that matter) by helping with Jessie

Hot tubbing with Martha, Ethan, Emma, and Ella.

Jessie with his Ella.