Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was fun this year with Jesssie. im sure he will understand more next year but he knows that all his baby toys have been switched for nice cool musical and learning toys and books. One of his favorites is from his aunt Martha, (of course)

The runner up would be this box! for him, it was the best thing Christmas morning. He climbed it, slid down it, and even liked being inside.

Unwrapping his books from the Prina's

and some trucks...

Santa Claus came to our house and then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa's to open presents Christmas morning. Jessie was mostly overwhelmed by everything, but is now loving all his new stuff.

All us sisters on Christmas eve.


  1. ewww! those pictures of me on the train! Hidious! Cute picture of all of us though. That toy in the first picture (the one summer gave ellie too) Is one of kylers fav. presents too. haha

  2. Cute! His toys really do look like so much fun! and Christmas is so much more fun with kiddos!
    I love the picture of him in the box...haha

  3. Um, you cant just stop posting for 3 months right when i move and dont get to see you guys very much! Even though i have seen you guys 2xs in the past week, i dont even know what your up to! What can Jessie say and do these days? How is Chucks school going? I miss you